Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

At A.D.P. Inspections, Inc. of Frederick MD, we provide more than just Home Inspection services. We also provide Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in Frederick and other Maryland areas.

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

Simply stated, a Phase I ESA is a site visit and documented review of the site and surrounding areas to determine if further investigation is advised from an environmental stand point. A Phase I ESA is a review of local government documents regarding the site to determine what the past usage of the site was along with an extensive document review of the surrounding area. It also includes a very involved and detailed site visit by a qualified professional. In addition there is database information that is gathered and reviewed of the surrounding vicinity to determine if there is a potential risk from an environmental stand point in the immediate area.

These potential risks can be anything from a past gas station on or near the site that might have contaminated the ground water, a dry cleaner on the site that might have spilled chemicals into the ground, a past dumping on the site or an auto repair company that did not handle the oils properly, lead in the paint, asbestos; or any number of other potential risks.

The assessment is conducted utilizing generally accepted Phase I ESA industry standards in accordance with the ASTM Standard for Phase I ESA.

There are two other aspects to a Phase I ESA that may be needed depending on what is found during the Phase I Assessment. These are Phase II and Phase III. Phase II and Phase III are the more involved aspects of the environmental field. Phase II involves testing of the site such as coring into the earth and taking soil samples and testing to determine what is in the soil. The information during a Phase II will determine if the site warrants further investigation and/or if remediation is necessary. If remediation is needed this is completed under a Phase III

When is a Phase I Required?

A Phase I ESA is an integral part to many commercial and industrial real estate transactions. Many lending institutions require a Phase 1 Assessment on these types of transactions before they will lend money

How much does a Phase I Cost?

Each environmental Phase whether it is Phase I, II or III, has a very involved set of industry standard requirements and requires highly trained professionals. A reliable, reputable company with experience is needed. Getting the least expensive service for something this important may lead to inferior results. A properly done Phase 1 Assessment is for everyone’s protection, not just the buyer.

The final report provided to the customer will usually be hundreds of pages of documentation.

A basic report containing limited data can also be provided for residential properties.

Please contact us to obtain pricing for these services.

What Customers Have To Say

…A.D.P. accommodated my schedule and time constraints for a short sale, and still provided a thorough inspection…
Joanne H.Silver Spring, MD